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Thread: I"m Still Alive

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    I"m Still Alive

    Hey all of my winners and sellers
    had to make a quick unexpected trip to PA to visit an ill relative
    i was trying to post a last plant on TF when it crashed. if i didn't have bad luck, i would have no luck at
    If for some reason, medical, mother nature or inept watering help, while i am/was gone to Penna., somehow i will make good on all my listed auction items. i have a backup person with the list of the plants that i offered.Suzanne has his email address.'ll be offering substitutions as equal or greater value. or money back. if something happens to my plants while I am gone
    I plan on being back the 29th but will need some time ot get my feet back on the ground, HA HA
    Please be pateint with an older lady.
    winners and sellers only and people already on my contact list,can email me at
    All others will be ignored until later.
    I am way to busy to take and send personal messages right now. Email is a better way tocommunicate with me
    i hope that you all understand

    Best laid plans of mice and men sometimes women often go

    Lois = LMO = my initials and easier to tpye

    PS Moderator please make sure ths gets posted in appropriate forum
    Every seed that you plant ,doesn't sprout.
    Every seed that sprouts, doesn't make it to maturity.
    Every cutting that you stick doesn't grow roots.
    Every cutting that roots doesn't grow to a small plant.
    Every small plant doesn't reach maturity.

    Who needs speelcheck?

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    Hi Lois

    I hope all is going well in PA. My thoughts are with you.

    I hope everyone will have patience while Lois deals with this pressing family need. She will be keeping in touch via computer as often as possible and has the plants under care while she's away.
    "Fox terriers are born with about four times as much original sin in them as other dogs." - Jerome K. Jerome

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