I just bought a D-link DIR-655 Xtreme Draft-N gigabit router. I had been using a 5 year old Linksys BEFW11S4 that I felt was deteriorating in performance. With my laptop where it usually is, with the linksys, I was getting 1.9mps. Now with the D-link, I'm getting almost 7mbps. What's odd, is I bought the router last night...and it's already here.

This is my first venture into draft-n products. I didn't even know the laptop I have had a draft-n card in it until yesterday lol.

If you have an N card, I highly recommend making the upgrade. It had become common for me to wait minutes for pages to load w/ my old router, but now everything appears much, much quicker. Soooooo worth the $107 I paid for it.

PS: Are cat6 cables the same size as cat5? Also.....is it worth getting one or not? They're only like $6 for a 25' cable, so I guess it couldn't hurt. My current cable is missing the plastic tab that locks it into a port on one end, so I need a replacement anyway.