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Thread: Cp's outside where i Live

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    Cp's outside where i Live

    Ok well all im cp growing had been inside in a tank under lights
    And that isnt possible atm. So I've been growing the ones I have outside for the past 2 weeks. I know the plants need time to adjust and all , but im wondering if its a good enviroment for them. Temps currently run from mids 60's at night to mid to high 70's in the day. And being 5 miles from the ocean humidity runs from 96% in the morning to 45% during mid day back up to 65% in the evening and peaking around 96 or 98% over night.
    I have the plants set to get morning sun (usually foggy) until around noon or 1pm then bright shade all afternoon.
    I have about 6 different sars, 3 sundews, 3 different pings, 3 different venus flytraps, 1 utric and a random lowes nep (figured its sanginea). All are planted in dried LFS. I let the venus flytraps,pings,nep, and sundews dry out a bit before i re water them i keep the sars wet to water logged always. What do you guys think??
    Let me know if you want the plant names I can provide them lol
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    Doesn't sound too different from the conditions in which my plants grow.

    In fact, it sounds pretty darn good all around. Sarracenia, many Utricularia, Flytraps, Drosera, and maybe even the Pings will love it outside. My worry with Pings is that I'm always worried about something crushing them... As for the Nep, you may be able to acclimate it to a shaded part outside (maybe eventually up to full sun,) but I've found that they actually require some effort to acclimate while, say, Sarracenia love the high-light off the bat.

    In any case, provided that you provide ample water, it sounds like a fine place to grow.
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