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Thread: The terraforums Post Presidential debate post

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    Pretty much my take, Max. Obama has more charisma, and I think McCain has more experience. I think the VP Debate will go a long way towards sawaying some decisions. I saw a bit of Couric interviewing Palin, and Palin did not do very good at rolling with the punches.

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    Debate wise it was largely a tie. No major blunders from either one, and no home-runs either. It did show that Obama is a more attractive and charismatic person, though. Some of McCain's mugging and grimacing was painful to watch. But as far as content, neither one took a chance nor truly embarrassed themselves.

    The polls are showing a moderate Obama victory, which is probably accurate, but it's not the sort of performance that's going to change the race in any way. I certainly hope nobody would change their vote solely on the basis of a debate like that, anyway. I thought the moderation was poor - why do they keep trotting out the strangely embalmed looking Lehrer? Does he have dead, inky black shark eyes? Like you're looking into infinite polls of emptiness? *shudder* Just creeps me out.

    The VP debate will hopefully provoke more hilarity.

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