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Thread: Anatomy of a opinion

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    Anatomy of a opinion

    [sarcasm, humor. Not speaking personally but broadly ]

    Everyone who disagrees does not know the whole story. If they knew everything-that-I-knew, then everyone would have the same opinion on the matter. Mine. Because of course I am right. If I did not think I was right, then I would not have the opinion I do now because my opinion is based on an unbiased reading of all the FACTS. Not your “facts”, THE facts. Your facts do not count!

    I am always right. If I just explain it to you people, you will see the rightness of my views. Its so obvious. To me, that is. Why isn’t it that way for you? We exist in the same word, don’t’ we? My naturally EXTENSIVE view on the world is inherently logical and just. NO, do not show me information that contradicts that! It must be wrong! Or wait, it is not wrong, you just are looking at it the wrong way. Backwards, in fact. Yes, that is less threatening to what my views are now that I see how things actually are.

    I don’t like your facts. Your facts must not be correct. You facts source is suspect/doesn’t know what the hell it is saying/ cannot be right. Let me go on the internet to give you facts on how it is. I can find a source that says any fact that I agree with that I want. If you ignore those facts, you must be willfully ignorant on the subject. Threatened, even. You should open your mind, like me!

    (yeah, I wrote that myself. I dont know if it is good, but that seems to state the "facts" about "facts" accurately, or something. I dunno... not talking about myself personally... that would never happen to me... haha...)
    that makes no logic

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    It's good to see satire alive and kicking. I always worry this time of year -_-

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    "We are all greater artists than we realize." - A. Korzybski
    Now, let me tell you what book you can find that quote in...

    (poking fun at myself BTW)

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