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Thread: Lets see YOUR political cartoons

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    Lets see YOUR political cartoons

    Ok kiddies, time to hopefully lighten the heavy loads around here with some laughter or "hilaritas". It's been said to be best medicine (even if sometimes bitter tasting). So today I wanna see YOUR political cartoons, not your faves that you dug up somewhere but ones you yourself have drawn. I did these standing at my machine at work last night off/on in about 20 minutes so it shouldn't take you too long. Traditionally the definition of a cartoon is "a quick or preparatory drawing" so it doesn't have to be a great work of art, just try to keep them in good taste. If it couldn't be published in a newspaper it probably shouldn't be put up here.

    I did one for each side so no one should claim I'm being too unfair, both are based on fears of "the opposition" of the other sides.

    I know he looks more like a cross between an egg headed elitist Mike Tyson and a smurf but I wasn't going from a picture - bad form for portrait art...
    *the flag is an allusion to a Motorhead song of the same name and a popular bumper sticker, not cannibalism!

    Now, we can make comments on each others work but instead of complaining about any of them that get posted I'd like to see us all try and out cartoon each other! At least it's creative and laughter makes us all feel good.

    You all don't have to draw one for each side, I just did in the spirit of fairness to kick off the thread.

    If you don't have a way to host your own drawing online (through photobucket or other) PM me your JPGs and I'll host them for you for a month or so (limit two).

    Once again I wanna see YOUR cartoons not someone else's. Have fun!

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    I drew a great cartoon in highschool with pigs riding bicycles. It's not exactly political but I do love it so. I'll look for it.
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