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Thread: How to get money to buy plant

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    I have enough money now to buy all the plants and setups I ever wanted!

    Except my job now is a 72 hour shift job, with 72 hours off in between, so I don't have time to care for them ;_;

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    I'd get a job.
    I'm going to hopefully get a job at the aquaponics facility,
    the goat dairy or maybe the mushroomery(or whatver you call it) or something locally
    Seriously though I'm broke,need to get a 55 gallon saltwater setup soon ...
    With a job I can get the $1000 quicky I hope... And when we get a house I'll do a mega nep greenhouse

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    Quote Originally Posted by upper View Post
    i'd have to agree with you, but some younger ones cant put Cash they earn into paypal.

    i hate cash for everything i can.....most vendors dont mind.....if your looking to buy plants, earning money via a job is faster.......while i was cutting up the deer in the backyard yesterday afternoon had a couple kids wonder by carrying a rake wondering if i wanted them to rake my yard for the cost a few bucks......since i use the leaves as a mulch on gardens for the winter i declined but thanked them for the offer and they continued on their way.....nice to see a couple ~10 year olds of the rears and outside looking to work for cash though.......
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