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Thread: its alive! :D

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    you know.... if given the right condition, the moss should naturally sprout out. but! the fastest way is if you could get even ONE living strand, you could continue until you have a whole tray of sphagnum.
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    Yeah, Mosser Lee is great for getting all sorts of hitch hiker plant goodies. I actually like some of the extras I've gotten like ferns, liverworts, a sundew once and interesting stuff but often what's sprouted from ML for me that is moss, isn't sphagnum moss but regular forest moss ("cap moss"?) it's short and stiff like a green scrub brush.

    I'd try some different brands of the blond if you can get hold of them, or even just start up some new cultures from the stuff you have and see what happens. But keep onto the old ones incase they're just late sprouters. Did you grind it up or leave it as "ropes"? Generally, if it's been ground I'd say within 3 months (90 days) of light and constant moisture/high humidity (but not water logged/floating) you should be seeing some green poking up, sometimes it might take up to 6 months but sometimes packaged moss are just "dead" the only answer then is to try a new package. Once it finally does get growing it's easy to spread around and increase your material rather quickly. Just chop the live green into tiny bits and scatter them on moist sphagnum and they all start growing where they've been dropped. Be sure the tiny bits always get a daily misting to stay well hydrated and not dry up if you do the mince and scatter method.

    Good luck and get ready for some fast paced thumb-twidling! Of course you already know CPs are all about hurry up and wait!

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