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Thread: Can anyone tell me what kinda bug this is?

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    You know, there is a whole book with recipes of cooking with insects.
    I read a recipe for cooking a chocolate cake with fresh crickets from it once. You have to freeze them to kill them and so they would remain intact and then take their wings off because they are not pleasant to chew... And once you're done backing it, you sprinkle sugar powder on top. There was even a picture of a slice with crickets sticking out of it, and a sugar-powdered cricket on top, like a cherry lol. I'm serious, some biologist woman wrote and published it.
    It also says in that book that if we grew cockroaches instead of beef, it would cost 4 times cheaper for the same amount of protein.
    I'd rather go with beef though...
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    Do you have cable TV? On Tuesdays on the Travel Channel the show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (a guy from MN) shows him going around the world eating weird stuff especially bugs that are eaten in other countries. I love that show cos I get to try a lot of "weird" foods since I work with all sorts of immigrants who always like to "see what the white guy thinks of this". But I'm not the typical freak out and run away type, I'll try it whatever it is. I figure it hasn't killed them yet so my chances are good. So far the weirdest stuff I've had is: baby duck eggs (this is like aborted duck eggs with fetal ducks inside not just raw eggs), durian fruit (pew!), duck heads, fish heads, chicken feet (think "chicken french fries"), something I call "squid lasagna" but I don't know what it was they called it, different somali goat dishes....
    Nobody's whipped a bug on me yet at lunch but in high school a pal of mine once smoked a june bug in a bong! lol!

    Come to think of it, the record shop sells boxes of chocolate covered crickets at the checkout counter. I never saw anyone buy them though! I'll try 'em if they're free but I'm not curious enough to blow $4 on them.

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