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Thread: Killing Star Trek like Star Wars?

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    The original Star Trek was on a lot when I was kid (70's) in syndication..
    on a lot more than you see it today..
    I watched quite a lot of them was an ok series, but I was never a major fan..

    plus I was eight years old when Star Wars came out in '77..
    compared to Star Wars, Star trek on TV was very dull..
    Star Wars totally owned the next decade..

    I was however a big fan of "the next generation" when I was in college..
    Thats my favorite of the many Star Trek variations..
    yes, im one of the "Capitan Picard is WAY cooler than Capitan Kirk" people!
    it was just a much better series all-around..

    I liked Voyager a lot too..
    but never watched one episode of Deep Space nine..

    as for the Star Trek prequel..
    IMO its only being made for one reason..$$$.

    Its just like the lame Star Wars cartoon..
    both franchises are very much loved and have huge fan bases..
    but that doesn't mean they should keep making crap just to suck more money out of them..

    they should just let it go..


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    I also grew up with the original series in syndication. Next Gen was great and so was Voyager. DS 9 was different, political, an acquired taste. I also liked Enterprise and was disappointed that it didn't last 7 or 8 eight seasons. By the time one got to Next Gen, the original series was laughable... outdated. Oddly enough, it was considered as being too cerebral for the masses. Still think 'Tribbles' was the best.

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    I thought DS9 and Next Gen were both great shows. I thought the early seasons of DS9 were a little bland, but after a while it got a lot better. I'm afraid the original series was a bit before my time, so I doubt I'll see the new movie anytime soon. As Scottychaos pointed out, its given knowledge that Picard is way cooler than Kirk, anyway. But I also think Sisko is equally awesome.
    I never got around to watching Voyager, but I definetly will sometime.

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    I'm progressively buying the original series on DVD for the old man and will move onto the Next Gen as well. Just don't know why the Star Trek box sets are so damn expensive compared to other full season box sets. No sense to it.

    Definitely the first 3 Star Wars (Empire esp.) were my faves over Trek but I still have a place for them cos my dad and I watched it every night as a kid, it was his show, mine was the Incredible Hulk with Lou Ferrigno! I can't hardly stand to watch it now though! lol!

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