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Thread: Seedling Packing Guide

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    That's an excellent system and thanks for the step-by-step photos. Given the value of what we ship, in money or in growing effort, the small extra cost/effort to do it right is worth it. What I'll add is that harsh weather requires better insulation and that a 2nd layer of insulation (plus paying attention to weather forecasts at the receiving end) can work wonders, both in cold weather and in hot, sunny weather.
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    Clever. I'm kinda too cheap for even this method, but I see how this is safer.
    Anyone in your household take any prescriptions? I like to re-use those containers for things like this or holding loose items like change. Fun fact: a large pill container holds 15 dollars in quarters perfectly. :P
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    @ Mr. Truncata: Those round, celled containers were found around the house. Actually, my mother orders Stampin' Up () supplies every now and then, and I got away with a few of them. They used to contain grommets, brads, etc.

    @ Rattler: Yep, photo canisters are very good! I just can't find them anymore - we've been using digital cameras for the past few years...But any rigid plastic container works well.

    @ Bruce: Excellent pointers!

    @ Est: Lol!
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