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Thread: decent digi macro on the cheap?

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    decent digi macro on the cheap?

    I was asked what I wanted for Christmas... (within reason, digi SLR just didnt fly LOL)

    refurbished Canon A590 @ $95ish

    and this macro:

    curious, a good bang for the buck?

    especially curious about the macro, its only a couple bucks more then a single element lens...

    (it would seem so...but)


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    The camera looks nice. I've never owned one, but I've hear great things about the Canon Powershot series (and their unlockability/hackability.) Got manual option, IS is a big plus, and down to ISO 80. Sounds good to me! And even though it's a refurb, sounds like a good deal! Alternatively, you can look at the previous model is if you want a new one, it's supposed to be quite good as well.

    Oh and it uses AA batteries! I hate proprietary battery packs, so I'd call that a big plus, too.

    As for the add-on lens, I've never used one for a point and shoot. It is worth mentioning that there is an adapter required to use it, but it sounds like it ships with the lens (see description and review #1.) I'd double check google for reviews. I believe I have one of their products (right-angle viewfind attachment) and the optical quality is great even if the mounting adapter is a bit cheap.

    Overall, looks good to me, but you should double check that lens.
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