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Thread: What Colleges Have Horticulture as a Major?

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    Come to Oregon for Botany

    I am attending Southern Oregon University and I am a biology major emphasis in Botany. I know Oregon State University offers one aswell as a masters program!! Oregon is a diverse location full of all sorts of plants. We even have Drosera Rotundfolia growing in Mt.Hood National park and Darlingtonia Californica all over the southern portion of oregon and central coast. wonderful country!

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    People with jobs like that come from all kinds of backgrounds.

    To add a note of caution, I know someone who's planning to take early retirement in 2009 and plans to work at a nursery doing the same kind of work you hope to do. He said he knows others who plan to do the same and figures a lot of retirees will be looking for similar part-time jobs. Short of having all the work sent overseas, nothing would be worse for a career choice than to have a bunch of older people wanting to do the same work on a part-time basis.
    Bruce in CT

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    To add a second note of caution..
    I know someone who got a bachelors degree in 1963.
    She worked at few nurseries and garden centers over the years, and is today retired and VERY poor..

    sometimes getting a college degree in "something you love" isnt the best choice..

    When I was in college, I was amazed at the huge number of Theatre majors..
    what do all those people do for jobs when they graduate?
    probably 1 out of 1,000 theatre majors actually make a decent living in theatre/TV/movies/etc.

    some degrees are useless...just something to keep in mind.


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