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Thread: BIcalcarata uproots itself?

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    BIcalcarata uproots itself?

    I noticed my bicalcarata has seemed to have stopped growing, i blamed the cool temperature and put a bag over it for a night. the next morning one of the pitcher grew a little bigger but the plant was uprooted with no real "hole" where it came from. did it somehow uproot itself because of un-ideal conditions? i know my cats arent talented enough to put the bag back on after messing with plants and there would've been damaged leaves.

    any ideas?

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    In saying "no real hole where it came from" does it in fact, have roots? Neps can live off water on leaves and pitchers so a Nep can be rootless and still grow, albeit rather slowly. My N. inermis was a short 1 foot long vine before I knocked it off it's hook and I noticed the potting mix had no roots twined in it (there a was only two)! I've had young Neps that came with no roots and some of these plants never seemed to later make them either. I don't know if it was some sort of problem with the cloning or bad media (I always used shredded LFS and orchid bark) but I had a few over the years be reluctant to root. Cuttings from these plants were also reluctant to root.

    My only other thought is perhaps it got so cold and wet that it rotted off at the soil line and the resistance of the new pitcher was enough to force the top off the root ball?

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