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Thread: long dang holiday weekend............

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    Very sorry to here about your ordeal - but it sounds like your wife is going to be ok. What an absolute nightmare that first visit was. It is very fortunate you found a good medical team to actually help! One shouldn't become a doctor if one doesn't want to actually help people!

    To get a little more personal, I can very much relate to your situation. My wife was having horrible cramping in her belly for over a year. We went from the general practitioner to an ambulance ride to an ER when she passed out from the pain and hit her head, to a gastroenterologist who ran months worth of tests, scopes, you name it. Over a year later and several doctors later we had no answer and she had to quit work from the debilitating pain. She ended up getting her yearly female exam, with a new doc, and this guy was good. He suspected it was caused by those female organs. He did a laparoscopy (little camera throught the belly button) and lo and behold she was a complete disaster inside. She had endometriosis so bad it was binding her organs together and constricting her bowels. The doctor said her life was in danger due to the damage her organs were taking by being distorted and constricted.

    A VERY long story short, she went through one surgery to remove it all. She didn't recover well, and by the fourth day was barely alive, literally. Her blood was poisoned and no amount of antibiotics was reversing it. An emergency exploratory was done. Her bowel was so weakened by the original condition, that upon being freed, it couldn't handle its job. It had ruptured sometime during her early recovery and had infected her abdominal cavity and even her blood. So during the exploratory they had to clean out her entire abdomen of infection, and perform bowel surgery to fix the problem, which required working in the area of her first surgery from days earlier. The doctor said afterword she was so badly infected that she had less than 24 hours to live had they not found the problem. Scared the hell outta me.

    In the end, she spent 6 weeks in ICU to recover from 2 major surgeries, but came out ok and is much better still. It's tragic how such a simple thing as stomach cramps could progress into such a long, drawn out and nearly fatal mess. A good doctor is worth their weight in gold; one that will listen, won't rest until the source is found, is skilled and knowledgeable and actually wants to heal people. That gyn saved her life.

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    So sorry to hear about your wife, rattler. I'm glad to hear she's doing better now.

    Same to you, nightsky.
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    Rattler, it was the hospital that was responsible for a seemingly unmotivate or untrained or whatever Dr. overseeing the ER. They might be even even more at fault than the Dr. because people in the community have to trust the hospital to have qualified staff. That's a huge problem in rural communities and there's no simple solution, but the hospital needs to show it used due diligence in putting the community in that guy's hands. Otherwise they can feel secure in cutting corners when staffing the place. The only thing that holds their feet to the fire is the threat of a lawsuit.
    Bruce in CT

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