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Thread: Down Memory Lane

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    I have an old hippy uncle (most of my family is old hippies)

    I know I had (translate: killed) a flytrap or two when I was kid. I kept them in my dinosaur barn. (That comment is for Dandy and Ozzy). And of course I fed it hamburger as the instructions said.

    I can't even remember how I got into growing them as an adult. I've always been a planty person so I think I just wanted to get another one and try again. I started out on the infamous Garden Web which became the catalyst for the original PFT discussion boards to form. Once "over here", the number and variety of CPs multiplied.
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    CP's are the "think outside the box" type of hobby. They baffled most people who were given the little kits, back before the Internet. We have all killed them, due to using tap water, keeping them covered, feeding them hamburger, or not providing enough light. I killed a lot of VFT's and pitcher plants through the years... but back in 2003 I saw an array of VFT's at my local Home Depot and just couldn't pass up another try. But this time I vowed to keep it alive for more than a few months. So I found books at Borders and Barnes & Noble and then I learned that I was doing just about everything wrong. I bought more plants at Lowes, but wanted to know what I was buying, genus and species name. The books were helpful but the pictures weren't terribly conclusive. Too many pitcher plants and butterworts and sundews looked way too much alike. So I began doing an Internet search to hone down on what I had.That led me to stumble upon a few discussion forums for CP's. I had no idea that discussion forums even existed, much less for carnivorous plants. There were people from all over the world bringing their collective knowledge and I really got a good education from them.

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