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Thread: Losing a family pet - what about the other pets?

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    Thanks for the kind words and suggestions, everyone. We went through with it yesterday (saturday) afternoon.

    I'm very glad we decided to do it at our home. He was able to be comfortable, surrounded by the people who loved him and in a familiar place. It went without a hitch, and all things considered, I think that it went as well as it could.

    The other dog was kept in another room and didn't see him after. But she didn't eat all day today, so she obviously knows that something's up. Thanks again everyone.
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    You have my condolences.

    There's no way to know when and how to do it and people can only try to do it the best possible way, like you did. We've been fortunate that our animals have actually liked going to the vet, but our oldest dog, approaching 16, is the exception. That's going to be especially difficult, when/if the day comes.

    It's never been clear to me that the surviving animals dwell on the fact that one is missing. I think they definitely read and respond to the emotions of the people feeling the loss but, beyond that, I just don't know.

    Each of our animals is accustomed to the others or themselves going away and coming back. The youngest dog was away 4+ months for field training and the others didn't seem to notice her missing, other than for the pleasant sense of peace & quiet. When she returned, it was as if she had just been out for a walk and everything was immediately back to normal. At least as one would have to define normal in my house.

    Dogs live for the moment and don't spend their time dwelling on the past or future. We could learn a lot from them.
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    Sorry that happened I've had 3 pets that died my mix somehow had gotten rabbis so we had to put him down I was practically raised with him as a baby so it was sad seeing him go, my white boxer died of seizures last April at age 14 and my parent's brown boxer died of leukemia at age 7 two months after my white boxer pearl it was so sad to see them go so I know how you must be feeling.

    Hows your dog doing now is she still not eating or anything my other dog when my white boxer and brown boxer died she didn't eat much or want to go on walks for a few weeks and eventually she started eating more and then wanted to go for walks more often so I hope yours do the same and she'll be ok just incase keep an eye on her if she still doesn't eat or eat much.
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