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Thread: Any Flickr-bugs on here?

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    Any Flickr-bugs on here?

    Ever since I started my photography class about one week ago, I've been uploading to Flickr daily. Anyone else here contribute? I popped a few macros into the carnivorous plants group. My D. Muscipula photo is currently my most popular, and was even featured on the Fire Award's group page as photo of the day. Not too shabby for one week eh?

    I just started experimenting with HDR photography. You can create some really cool stuff using photomatix. Here's my photostream:

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    Yup I know that there's a few members here who have a flickr account.

    Funny, people on flickr seem to eat HDR pictures up. Some of the places I first frequented blast the stuff almost every time someone posts some. Possibly because they're more on the tech-savvy end so they've been seeing it for a while. I've seen some amazing HDR timelapses before.

    Here's my flickr. Nothing amazing, but I enjoy it.

    I'll be sure to keep en eye on your profile for updates.
    \(_o)/ ಠ_ಠ
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