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Thread: Newly Found Fault In Arkansas

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    I lived in Indiana growing up. About 15-20 years ago we had a 5.0 in the early evening. I have been through some 5.0 earthquakes here in SoCal, but they have not felt as fierce as the one in Indiana. It really does make a difference as to the type of rock you are on when it happens.

    I remember reading somewhere that the New Madrid Fault has the potential to be more devastating than the San Andreas of California. Not sure where I saw that though.
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    yep more devistating because of the type of ground everything is built on.....when it starts majorly shaking for all intents and purposes as far as the buildings are concerned the ground their built on is going to turn to mud and they are going o sink, fall over, collapse....atleast in alot of California you are basically on bedrock which is firm ground so you just got to build buildings that can take some shaking......kinda hard to build something thats going to be able to take the hard packed dirt they were built on turning to quicksand...........
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