I've had some members ask about how to set up their A590 for macro photography using the Opteka 10x HD lens.

While I am no photographer, I have figured which settings are required for the A590/Opteka 10x HD combination.

So, for those that asked..

Canon A590 macro photography tek using the Opteka 10x HD lens

1. Remove the lens bezel. To do this press in on the small button located next to the bezel at 7:00. While holding the button in, rotate the bezel and it should release.
2. Install the lens adapter and Macro lens in its place

a. Press the menu button
b. Scroll down until you get to “converter”
c. Select 250D for Macro, WC-DC52 for wide angle and TC-DC52A for telephoto lenses
d. Press menu to exit.
e. Press the function button, and set the camera’s ISO speed to 80 if you have very bright light to 200 or 400 for normal. Above 400 and your image quality will drop off dramatically. The lower the number the higher the quality. So this is a trade off you will have to experiment with.
f. Set the camera rotary mode switch to Manual “M”
g. You should now see two sets of numbers on the bottom of the screen and on the right hand side a vertical scale.
h. The first set of numbers from the left is the shutter speed, the next set is aperture and the vertical scale is an exposure indicator.
i. Without a tripod do not set the shutter speed slower then 1/30th of a second or you will likely get camera shake and image blur. (tripods are recommended for macro photography)
j. To move from one of these settings to the other, use the small button to the upper left of the rocker button
k. Adjust these settings until the vertical scale is in the middle or just barely below. Slightly overexposed usually will look worse then slightly underexposed. If it is a critical shot then take one at each setting. If you are unable to get the indicator to the middle, try a higher ISO speed.
l. Set the camera for manual focus by pushing down on the rocker switch where it is marked with the flower and MF
m. This now brings up a menu on the right side of the screen, the options are normal, macro and manual.
n. You want manual, the macro setting is for the camera’s normal lens… not the Opteka macro converter lens.
o. Now focus the camera by moving the rocker left and right until the image is sharp and in focus.
p. With the macro converter lens this will require the subject to be very close to the lens. If you seem to be unable to find the proper focus, try moving closer to the subject.
q. If using a tripod, set the camera for a 10 second delay. This will allow the camera to steady after you push the exposure button. To do this click on settings and scroll down until you get to “Drive mode” then select “10”

Depending on conditions at the time you take the picture. You may have to play with the ISO speed, shutter speed and aperture to get the exposure meter centered. You will find that aperture setting has a dramatic effect on “Depth of Field”. This is something that will make more sense once you start playing with your camera.

Excellent tutorials from someone who does know what they are doing LOL