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Thread: I'm starting my own carnivorous plant business and need advice

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    I'm starting my own carnivorous plant business and need advice


    I am starting my own carnivorous plant store. It will be mostly online (ebay, etc), but I will likely make some early sales at garage sales to start things off.

    I'm pretty new to all this and I need tips. Anyone have any advice?

    For starters, what should the name of my business be? (serious answers please)
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    I've thought about doing this myself too, seems like fun. Maybe you should make the plants pretty low prices, because little kids really like them. Maybe you could set up a bunch of beginner kits, with a flytrap, D. capensis, a ping, and a care sheet?
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    Serious advice?

    You're going to need a lot of space, time and money with little return, for a good while. Some people have done it but I don't think it's something to base an entire career off of; it is very difficult.

    The plant trade in general is typically very difficult to get into with out serious backing. Let alone the trade of plants that appeal to a very specific niche of people.

    All that being said, I'm not sure how Andrew friendly the topic is so...
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    You already started a topic about this... (which I reluctantly allowed) Lets not start more. And you're getting a little bit too much into the details. Lets not talk about (potential) names of stores and such... I think the topic has already been pretty well covered in the other topic you made a month ago, you don't need to start a new topic about it monthly.
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