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Thread: Darwinism Must Die So That Evolution May Live

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    It is an essay by someone [it says so itself], not a reserched article. More of an opinion peice. I don't really put any weight on it. But the term "darwinism" can die and I would be happier for it. Not that I debate evolution anymore with random people. It's not worth the effort usually, but the term itself is really annoying and makes it sound akin to a dogmatic religion instead of the theory it has become. (and it will always be a theory- if the theory of gravity has not make it out of the theory state, dont expect this to. But remeber this when you fall down- gravity is just a theory!)
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    People get so weird about Darwin. He was a scientist with a theory. He saw himself as a contributor to the science of evolution, not a prophet or philosopher. So it's a mistake to make reference to "Darwinism" because there is no doctrine there. There is only an ongoing understanding of the mechanisms of evolution. That's it.

    He is far from a "skeleton in the closet", but rather a revolutionary scientist who is the father of modern evolutionary theory. He made incredible strides in the science, and there is nothing there to be anything but proud of. He is to be celebrated, but the continued use of the erroneous term "Darwinism" can end at any time, because it's usually used disingenuously.
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    It's an opinion piece aimed at an audience that probably hasn't had biology since high school.

    There seems to be a widespread belief that evolution is all about Darwin, just like a lot of people think physics is all about Einstein. People are conditioned to believe that great achievements result from heroic individual accomplishments, without recognizing that thousands contribute to the piece-by-piece development of scientific knowledge. It would be nice if evolutionary theory could lose its popular connection to a 19th Century eccentric (as terrific as he was) and instead be associated with scientists toiling in the trenches of numerous different fields and challenging each other's findings.
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