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Thread: looks like thrips

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    looks like thrips

    So i bought a nice new flowering plant the other day(amaryllis family), and yesterday, I noticed some thin squiggly little guys in the flowers, one flower in particular, there were 5-7 of em. small (1, 1.5mm max) blackish color, thin like the end of a pinhead, and the wiggle forewards. it was a great pleasure taking my tweezers/foreceps to them.

    What should my level of concern be at?
    1: you picked em all off, they should be all dead
    2: they might have layed eggs, be cautious
    3: picked em off or not, use pesticide
    4: throw it, it's a lost cause( please no!!)

    i'd take pics, but i don't have a science lab with eletron-magnification, they are just too small for my crappy cam, lol

    New to pests,
    Grow list...

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    Treat with Spinosad if they are indeed thrips.

    Lasts up to 4 weeks. I have no idea what products with this as an active ingredient is available in Canada.
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    I had great success with Neem against thrips on orchids. If you go the Neem route, spray once per week for a month and be prepared for a weird, onionish smell.
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