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Thread: Sarracenia bogs in or near Jacksonville, Florida?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirKristoff View Post
    i guess i will have to hunt for the bogs myself then RL, its not like im going to dig up sarras and drag them all back to Washington State, since im someone is into conservation like many of the others.
    Sir K,
    My comment was never aimed at you specifically. Even if you were a poacher, the likelihood of you individually being able to deplete a significant stand and bring all those plants back to WA is unlikely. However, the unintended consequences of your request goes significantly beyond you. It takes just 2 naive folks to doom a small stand of rare plants (one to make the request & another to respond). I doubt that there's much debate that new construction, fire suppression & tree farms overall probably doom more plants than collectors ever could. However, with small unique stands - collectors / poachers can have a real impact. There are numerous examples of small populations of rare plants, insects, herps, etc. being destroyed by overzealous collectors. For example: the last known colony of Regal Fritillary east of PA was destroyed by butterfly collectors. Barry has documented poacher's holes in his travelogues as well as the theft of all seedpods of a rare & small population of s. purpurea ssp venosa var montana.

    My intent was not to stop you from soliciting locations from folks who have reason to trust you but rather just to keep this information from being published in a public forum. Even years from now, a collector could do a search & find the information - long after your visit was just a distant memory ....
    All the best,
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    Any site with location data published here will be deleted. As Ron said keep all site locations in private PM's.

    Thank you

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    Well, if anyone who knows any location info, please PM it to me obviously, as i would like to prevent any poaching that could come from that would be a heavy weight on my shoulders

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