Well I couldn't stay unpotted for long, I've been percolating the idea of a new highland nep/orchid/cp chamber here's the initial blue prints:

The shelves are 4 ft L x 2 ft W x 6 ft H - spaced 2 ft apart

Braces/frame will be built of 1" x 4" pine

The actual shelves will be egg crate to allow any hot air from the lamps to rise up and out at the top.

Back and Side walls will be covered in reflective waterproof insulation sheeting which should help maintain the night temps once they drop after dark.
It should simulate a giant insulated lunch cooler!
I will probably spray paint the side walls black so they don't look reflective on the outside though.

Fronts will be sliding glass panels with a reflective panel that can be velcroed up when I'm not looking the plants or want to sleep. My bedroom is the coolest area of the condo (plus it has the proper window access for the intake fan) so the highland chamber always has to go in there.

The grey tube going up the side is a 4" diameter dryer duct tube with a T elbow poking through the wall for fresh humidified air to be blown onto each shelf from a fan placed at the loose end at the window. An additional "vent booster fan" can be placed on the vertical portion if I don't get good air flow at the top with just the fan at the window.

The Blue box is an ultrasonic humidifier which has a capped outlet hole plugged with a tube that goes into the incoming cool air duct. It will run on a humidistat to keep the air moist but not soggy.

What I need are some suggestions as to what lamps would be good for this setup?

Each shelf is 2 ft x 4 ft with a 20" vertical height to play in (lamps will be on chains for height appropriate setting). The top lamp will be kept out of the chamber to give the top shelf the most vertical space as well as help keep it as cool as possible but the lower two shelves will have the lamps inside in the 80% RH environment.

Is a single 32" long, 96 W / 6500K power compact fluorescent in an angled reflector enough to light each shelf properly for Neps? The lamps of this size is seriously spanking my recent cacti/mesemb acquisitions. Even the ones who've been grown outside are coloring up within days under a single tube of these lamps hung at their farthest setting (!). I mention these lamps as my first choice for this setup because they have the heavy duty waterproof endcaps for use over reef tanks compared to a shoplight or two over each shelf which may not hold up to the incoming cold, wet air...?

Anyway, what do you guys think about the lighting situation for this setup? Any other areas of concern you can find in my design?