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Thread: Urban wildlife. Had a visitor yesterday.

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    How exciting! Heron's really are a graceful bird. Not to be the opposite of what everyone else is saying, but I would keep the pond stocked so the heron keeps coming back! Just kidding, but that is an interesting predicament.

    I also agree with Scot about the creation of a small table thing. If anything, it would just add some scenery for the fishes.

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    Hey guys!

    Scot: That's what I have in my pond! There's a rock shelf they can get under if they want. Not sure if it's effective, but it's there for them. So far I have not lost any fish.

    Tropic: We have palm trees all over the place here. We almost never freeze, and palms seem to do great here. Oh, and they're goldfish, not koi. I wanted to see if goldfish would last out there before investing in koi. It's a lot easier to take if a bird eats a $2 goldfish instead of a $30 koi.

    Edax: The bonsai are cheapies. The left one is just a juniper, the right some kind of honeysuckle or something. I have a really nice 60 year old maple bansai not shown in the picture. It's just getting its leaves back now.

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    lol. "crazy crazy crazy. crazy ***** videos!"
    Amazing video.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ant View Post
    didn't someone on this forum have an oscar that would just look at them and even if they are in another room it would wait on the side of the tank closest to the door?
    Whenever I even put my hand close to my reef tank, the two clownfish will swim to the surface and follow my hand in hopes of food. And at around 6:00 PM every day, they automatically swim up to the top to get ready for feeding. (I "trained" them, I guess.)
    Such amazing animals.

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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