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Thread: New Photo Contest- Drosophyllum lusitanicum seeds for the 5 best pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmm889 View Post
    Oh your right, I read your post backwards.

    Your right, luckily my lens doesn't have that shallow of a depth of field. You CAN use composite photography via photostacking to increase your illusion of depth of field since yours is so shallow...

    if you wanted to you can use the mask layer function exactly the same way to create a composite image where the subject is entirely in focus.

    I dont know really much on this photostack application or program or whatever it may be so I honestly dont know whats "easier". for me the mask layers in photoshop gives me all the control I could ever really need..

    I guess the # of photo's it'd take you to get a focused subject matter would depend on how long your subject matter is in relation to your plane of depth of field...

    what you really need to fix this is a tilt shift lens that allows you intead of having a DOF plane that is perpendicular to the ground you can actually tilt the lens so that your plane of DOF actually is parallel with the subject, so instead of a foreground background difference you'd have a verticle difference allowing you to completely focus on say... a pygmy drosera.. that didn't have alot of verticle height...

    but if you say break down your subject matter into say... 3 different focus levels, with photoshop you can easily merge those 3 to complete a totally focused subject...

    you'd use your mask layer on each layer and you'd take away the unfocused area's of the subject matter...
    so with 3 stacked layers you'd end up with only the focused area's being visible.
    this amount of control allows you to also change light levels and do color correction on whatever specific parts of the plant you'd need to do, so if one part had highlights there blown out you wouldnt have to adjust the entire photographs histogram...

    I did manage to get a few top down pics with my tripod, this one being the best:

    It just so happened that all of those tentacles were in my plane of focus.

    I'll try my hand at manually photostacking with photoshop. I'm sure it's tedious, but at least I control the stacking. I'll post it here if I ever get a decent finished product.

    I did a manual panorama stitching the other day in photoshop

    I was very pleased with the results.

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    wow, thats a pretty convincing panoramic shot.

    panorama's were actually my specialty in highschool, I've got one in my bedroom that I did from colorado that is 1'tall and 6' wide... it took like 10 photographs haha... I'll have to post it if I can find it online...( I'm at work at the moment)

    Look up how to do Mask Layers online you'll find better tutorials with pictures, or if you want we can set up a time where we can both log into some kind of instant messanger or Gmail chat function that way I can use my own photoshop program to kind of give better help if you need it...

    your lens is WAYY more macro than mine, so the potential for you to do absolutely stunning stuff is great.

    photoshops masking function will give you control over everything inside your image...
    you do shoot in RAW format dont you?

    post any results you complete I'd love to look at em


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    Congratulations to the winners!

    I'm glad I didn't have the job of picking. There were so many fantastic photos. I love Jonathan's binata. I think sundews are so cool when they make those little fists.

    Thank you Jeremiah...that was fun!
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