In an attempt to avoid spamming up the auction site, I wanted to make a comment on the conversation that was occurring in Ozzy's roach listing. I work at my University's mail center, receiving student packages, and preparing them for distribution. Students receive an email that they have received a package, and they come pick it up at our office.

Although the list of interesting packages can go on for miles after my 4 years of working there, one has relation to said conversation above. Last year sometime, somebody received, through the mail, a medium sized box full of live crickets. The box had screen on the sides, so we could see them all hopping around. It was addressed to a girl, and after a day or so we called her so that she knew she had a living package, but only got voice mail. We let them sit on a shelf for a few days, and had to clean up a constant flow of what we will call 'dust' coming through the screen. After long enough time, we returned them to the sender. Our best guess was that somebody had ordered them as a prank, and we gave it away when we called and told her to come pick them up. I think somebody should send the Roaches to PAK.