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Thread: no more water problems

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    no more water problems

    Yay, i got myself my RO filter, FINALLY!! got it cheap too, 200$ used, filters 'should' be good for another 6-8 months...
    here`s a pic:

    i estimate it should have payed itself off after 6 months use
    my cam needs to be updated...
    Grow list...

    “Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.” C.S. Lewis

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    Cool, let us know how it works out. Have you done a TDS test of the output water yet?

    I'm still researching units myself. I'm so sick of running to the water dispenser in the store.

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    Aside from bright lights an R/O is absolutely the best investment a plant nut can make! No matter what kinds of plants (or fish) you wanna keep they will all appreciate clean water. If you want to use the filters that came with it I'd have the output water tested to see that they aren't actually working ineffectively. Sodium in the water is a real killer of exotics. I've noticed that the replacement filters are about 80% of the cost of an R/O unit. It's sort of like the printer cartridge conspiracy, you could almost make out better buying a whole new setup every time!

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