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Thread: Trying to start over,need suggestions on CPs

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    Not all Neps require high humidity, I do not live in Hawaii but over here during the winter months my RH drops to 25-30% and all of my Neps grow just fine. I dont grow anything like hamata or villosa, just lowlander and intermediates. Take a look at my growlist if you'd like and see the variety, the only Neps I keep in a terrarium for humidity purposes are bicalcarata and ventricosa. My ventricosa pitchers dont last long if the RH is too low though other growers have had no problems. You should have good success with easier ones like truncata, rafflesiana, sanguinea, alata etc... Just water them in the morning and keep them under a shade cloth. If the medium dries out to quick then water at night as well or only when the medium begins to get dry at the top.

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    Welcome back!

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    I have about the same humidity (45%) and my ventricosa and sanguinea are growing outside in full sun except for the afternoon, and they're doing well, especially the sang, which has doubled its leaf size in the last 2 months.

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