Hi y'all

Guess what...you're almost done with my annoying posts! hehe

I just want to ask that everyone review the END OF AUCTION rules to make sure you are clear on how to proceed after that. If you do not understand something, ASK me, Schloaty, Est, Ozzy, Xvart, and we'll clear it up.

Donors and winners make contact with each other as soon as possible.

DO NOT MAKE SHIPPING PAYMENTS TO NASC! Send the shipping money to the item donor!

Make sure you include all the information necessary for Dave (who is going to be in payment hell) so he can notify everyone when items are paid for.

There ARE time limits for payments and for shipping. This helps us close out the auction in a relatively quick fashion.

Auction donors will be listed on the NASC web site.

I hope everyone had fun! Keeping donating and bidding! See you later!