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Thread: New Pond Farm to get bog garden

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    New Pond Farm to get bog garden

    Here's a link to a CT newspaper article last week and I don't know how long it will be available. I wonder if the kid or father visit Terraforums.
    Bruce in CT

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    If neither are members here, someone should try to recruit them to TF. The article said the father collects cp's. He might already be a member here.
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    He beat the one I made by a couple feet each way. I wasn't much older than that when I made mine. I had a couple doz. plants in it for a few yrs until they all frost heaved one winter and freeze dried. I still had them long enough to do some hybridizing.

    One of my hybrids lives on with a friend in GA. She named it... LOL

    I hope that father and son are able to keep theirs going.

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