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Thread: Baby critters!

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    Aaaw, the raccoon is so adorable. :3 Haha, I love the picture of you petting him. "Yes! Pet me!" Cute squirrel. I have a family of squirrels living out in my backyard. My mom made them fat by feeding them, though. :x Great job, though! It's nice of you to work there.

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    squirrels and all other rodents are some of the few creatures i really hate haha.

    Cute nontheless.
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    That raccoon is unbearably cute. It's too bad they grow up to be such shameless troublemakers! Thanks for sharing.
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    Hehe thanks everyone, the raccoons are just under a month old, and just switched to their second level formula. We are currently taking care of 3 litters with 2 in each. Once they are ready to be on their own they will be released out in the country away from trash cans and most people. I think they have another month or so left in the centers care before that happens though.

    The squirrel in that photo is in a batch of about 4 others. They should be ready for the first stage of their release in about 2 weeks. The cage next to them is about a week ahead and it was really interesting to see the 'wild' coming out. Once the center stops feeding them by hand and letting them eat on their own, they become more suspicious of the workers, and even somewhat aggressive. But that's what we want, and it's just the natural time for them to begin outside life.

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