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Thread: Roses

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    I'm curious - How far you do you have to go to find a green house that has a range of roses? Also, does the wife get a discount when she says that her husband is der Führer or does the clerk say her husband is der Führer too?
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    actually.....all i had to do was go about 3 blocks from my house, i worked there through high school, and even off and on for extra $ since ive been out of school........generally they have always got a bunch of hybrid teas.....dont know why as for 9 out of 10 ppl here they are annuals......this year they got in a wide variety......

    i dont get a discount but i do get about as many free pots as i want i also wind up getting alot of stuff when they clean out the greenhouse in June......besides working there the family that owns the business has been long time friends with my dads family........couple years ago i walked out of there with a couple 35 gallon garbage cans full of bulbs that no one bought......not realy interested in planting that many by hand, i just spread them out in the area i was prepping for some apple trees and tilled them into the soil.....prolly killed a whole bunch due to them getting sliced but the last two years the area under the apple trees has been loaded with tulips and grape hyacinths.........
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