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Thread: Living Stones (not Lithops)

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    jumping beans jump due to a grub living in the bean.......

    if yah have seen the winds i have you would understand how wind can move a rock if the conditions are right.....ive seen 110mph straight line tornado or hurricane involved.....everything lined up absolutely perfectly condition wise and most buildings for a 5 mile wide by 10 mile long swath were happened to the north of where we were living at the time....ive seen tornadoes.....watching that thunderhead drop 5,000 feet in about 8 seconds was the scariest damn thing ive seen weather wise....
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    I read something about them once and think those rocks are pretty cool. Like Ant, I've wondered if vibration has a role. Wet clay is sticky, but vibration makes its viscosity plummet (making it a thixotropic fluid). If the ground vibrates (or even a rock vibrates when the wind blows at the right speed and direction) then the clay is more like a skating rink and the rock might follow the wind.

    In a related story, my wife and I were at a restaurant last week when my glass of water suddenly took off across the table. It didn't move more than a few inches, but the table was pretty level and there was no wind or any other obvious force to make it move. I didn't notice or think of it at the time, but I wondered afterwards if a truck had driven by and vibrated the place a little. It was a humid day, so the glass was pretty wet and any vibration might have made that glass move like the players in those old vibrating electric football games I remember in the 70s.
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