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Thread: Why Is First Class Arriving Quicker Than Priority?

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    I know what you mean, Jim! It's a day difference between the 2 services (most times) if you're talking USPS and it's totally not wort it to pay priority. I like first class better.
    if you dont send priority i wont trade with you, cause ive got a couple very narrow windows during the year where a plant might survive first class, the rest is way to hot or way to sure there are others that are the same.....our post office is a hub but its the last hub on the line.....first class can take 2 to 12 days to get to me depending on where its coming from and what hangups it encounters along the way.....when sending live plant material(other than seeds), unless yah know the system well enough to know a quirk thats there that is faster than normal from several past experiences sending it to that place, always send priority..... and you can usually get 2 day service with priority if you get out of bed and head down to the post office on Saturday morning....bout 80% of the time to most addresses if yah send a priority package on Saturday its to the person on Monday
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    I agree; Saturday is the most reliable 2-day shipping day if you know that the box will get out of the PO and not spend the rest of the weekend at the loading bay door waiting for Monday to arrive. We're entering a tough time for shipping plants because of the high sun, hot temperatures and the fact that a lot of plants are in active growth right now. That's a combination for killing plants. Even though winter is tough too, I've received far fewer DOA plants in winter than in summer.

    Double boxing - packing in a small box and packing that into a larger box - is a great way to protect against the weather, but Priority Mail's relatively new volumetric pricing makes double-boxing extremely expensive for anything but the smallest plants. Prices can easily jump from $5 to $25 as the package volume goes past 1728 cu. in. That's only 12x12x12. But even the extra $ is money well spent if it can protect a rare or valuable plant. There's no point in spending $5 to roast or freeze a plant. It costs much less to just put it in the oven or freezer at home and you save a trip to the PO. If the plant isn't worth the cost to safely ship it, don't make the trade.
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    Weight and distance can also affect the price of priority shipping. For instance if I ship a 2 lbs priority package standard size box from Los Angeles to San Francisco it is $4.95. If I ship the same package to Miami it is $8.70. If it was 1 lbs or less it would be $4.95 for either destination.

    Flate-rate shipping is probably the way to go with heavier packages but then you are constrained to using the USPS boxes.

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