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Thread: check this out!

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    check this out!

    I am hosting a cp class at the library... i already have the sarrs ready, but some that we got died off, so we need to buy more, speciafically ones able to be divided in june, that are far enough away from eachother. Also, for the ones that died off, i hope they went into shock cause ill get to keep them, and the library class would get love bugs and lady bugs
    Carnivorous Plant Workshop (Grades 1-5)
    Local middle-school student and budding botanist Adam Gaupp will talk about the wacky world of carnivorous plants. Each participant will have the opportunity to make and take home their own insect-trapping organism. Open to first graders through fifth graders. Class is limited to 15 children.
    Registration for the program begins on Monday, June 15 at 10 a.m.

    I will review all my info a couple of times from the savage garden and other cp books, and make a tri-board

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    I was wanting to do something like this... I guess I need to get some capensis seeds.
    my growlist
    The Southeast Carnivorous Plant Society
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    That's great and I hope you and "your students" have a good time.
    Bruce in CT

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