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Thread: Energy Consumption

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    To make it short and simple, an incandescent needs more power to heat the tiny wire inside (element). A CFL has a small balast, like you would see if you were to take apart a shop fluorescent fixture..but MUCH smaller(it consumes a LOT less power to make it work). A CFL can vary between as little as 5 watts to who knows....

    But just for argument's sake, say we have a 26watt cfl vs. a 60 watt traditional incandescent bulb..

    ok, so an incandescent bulb lasts 750-1000 hours, fluo 6000-15000!!!!

    incandescent costs say, idk, a dollar, when cfl'S cost maybe 3$

    just based on the two above mentioned lines, after 3000 hours, your cfl is now saving you money, cause you'd have already gone through 3 incandescents within that same amount of time. Now, the cfl still has 3000-12000 hours of use left, meaning MORE savings!!!

    Here's a great link, ( ) it can explain in more detail what i have summed up, but i have to quote this:
    ''A household that invested $90 in changing 30 fixtures to CFLs would save $440 to $1,500 over the five-year life of the bulbs, depending on your cost of electricity.'' that's 130$-300$ per year!!! (that's a lot of plants!)

    hope this helps convert anyone skeptical, btw, i'm an electrician
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    for the record.....not all CFL's hit the 6000 hours.....infact i have had some i know that never hit 1000.....most of them last a real long time but about 10% of about any brand i decide to go with dies early....i prefer using the CFL's cause ive got two girls that love leaving lights on but they aint the end all best thing since sliced bread a few try to make them out to be......heck ive got a couple spots that eat CFL's like candy that i have to use incandescent on......CFL's dont seem to like 0* or lower
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    Thank you everyone!
    With your help I have successfully convinced my step dad. The new light is already up and running.

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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