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Thread: Toilet?

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    Once again, leave the NY Times to remain on the cutting edge of science -- Peter D'Amato mentioned the so-called "novel nitrogen sequestration strategy" as far back as 1998 in The Savage Garden with the caption under a shot of Nepenthes lowii, "Tiolet Bowl for Birds?"


    "Charles Clarke has observed birds and shrews feeding on the "eggs," [congealed "beads" of nectar on N. lowii] while their excrement falls in the pitcher!"
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    The Times isn't exactly a botany journal, Bella. But I also found it kind of odd that this was running as "news" - perhaps this is in response to some research confirming that shrew poo is a major part of N. lowii's diet? In the past, I've always heard it cited as more of a speculation; it was observed but not known to be an important part of lowii's life strategy. Or maybe they were just looking for some weird science to use in a public interest piece.
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    ive heard both birds and shrews...scat (?) in N. lowii. Very cool to see the actual shrew and how it doesnt fall in and eveyrthing. KJinda crappy writing though.
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