I was checking the schedule for comedy central and the Dr. Katz Professional Therapist cartoon is back on TV!

L-R: Laura, Dr. Katz & Ben
It's sort of like a cartoon version of Seinfeld with the main voices by comedians Johnathan Katz (father) and H. Jon Benjamin (son) and Laura Silverman (secretary) all from Home Movies (drawn in the same Squigglevision format) and other various Adult Swim cartoons. All the patients are stand up comedians who do their routines in a therapy setting. Odd dry comedy and causes some people to say "this show is boring" but I love it! I have the whole six seasons on DVD but I'm glad it's back on TV, even if it's just reruns and not new shows.

Unfortunately they run it at a bad time: 7:00 and 7:30 AM, just about the time I'm climbing into bed. But if you're up then check it out.