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Thread: I got a Fly problem...

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    I got a Fly problem...

    So I've thought about getting a VFT, I live in Vancouver, Canada. I was thinking about planting one in the backyard to eat up all the flies we have in the summer, as well as the yellow jackets.

    My problem is, that around here it's pretty dry (not humid at all!), yet rains alot (Yeah I know, it's weird), during the summer we get about 2-3 weeks of rain, then maybe another 2-3 weeks of NO rain.

    My backyard has quite a bit of shade, depending on where I plant it. Sometimes in the winter, we get an incredible amount of snow, or some years, none at all. The weather is really unpredictable.

    The question is, is there a species of VFT (or any other fly eating plant) that could survive this? If so, where could I get it? I'm willing to spend a little over 20 bucks for the plant. Thanks guys.

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    Pitcher plants are better than VFTs at catching large quantities of insects but they, like VFTs, want plenty of sun. I used to keep my pitcher plants on top of a fence along the backyard where dogs go, and go and go, so there is a steady supply of flies in summer. The pitchers would be full to the point of falling over, but I don't know if there was any significant decrease in flies. CPs are cool plants and, if you're interested in them and allso appreciate that they'll snag some of the insects, try growing one or two. Check the specific VFT and other plant sections of this forum for growing tips and look at the selection at, which hosts this forum. Good luck.
    Bruce in CT

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