Check this out!

The long story:

One of my co-workers is Paul, a 70 something (paper) folder operator who lives 100 miles north. He astonished us all by saying that instead of buying a new truck (or retiring!) he was going to have his old beat up S10 rebuilt. You could see him through the rust holes in the door when it was known as "the black truck". As you can see it's been entirely rebuilt.

When it came time to pick the paint color we were giving him some razzing about having it done up in John Deer colors since he was a farm kid back in New Jersey. Well...

His latest thing is he just bought a Honda Shadow! Hasn't ridden a cycle in 50 years... He was sick on Saturday, when I saw his truck wasn't there I was sure he'd flipped his bike since he always comes to work even if he's sick. Gotta worry about those wild old bachelor guys sometimes! lol!