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Thread: Found 2 nestling robins

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    I was thinking of letting them fledge in my fenced in back yard like a normal robin and simple feeding it by tracking it down in the relatively small space. I never see cats inside my yard nor have I seen a raccoon or skunk in months. My only worry would be the crows that have paid no attention to the chicks when I keep them outside. (I think I am better off letting them make D-3 on their own) I think I won't have a problem with feeding. The oral syringe that I got has already been thought of as food when I re-hydrated them. (their skin looked red so I thought they needed water but now its pink and they are very alert.) I think my mom is kinda of sick of buying things for them even though I bought some of the stuff on my own. I can't find and exact recipe though, do you know one?

    p.s. My mom said she thinks they are digesting the food very well and that I should just give them water after feedings. I can't say that she is wrong because they are making poops that are easy to pick out and move and are coated like they say nestlings poop should look like and are standing and watching us as we go about the day and look healthier then when we found them.

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    Best of luck!
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