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Thread: Plants Nabbed - Bloomington, IN

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    Plants Nabbed - Bloomington, IN

    Hi all,

    I have not posted here too often, but I have just had the unfortunate experience of having all the plants I was growing outside stolen in the last few days and figured it could not hurt to get the word out in the hopes someone might run across them.

    My collection was a pretty simple one, mostly purpurea with some flava, leucophylla, and a red ventricosa. Also had several mature flytraps as well as a number of 2nd year seedling flytraps, and some basic sundews. Many of the pitchers were in their second or third year and were relatively smaller. They were almost all growing in live sphagnum that I had managed to cultivate over the past couple years. I know that's a pretty generic collection to spot, but it is what it is.

    I figure its a long shot that anyone will encounter them, but as anyone who has had their plants nabbed knows, all the time put into to learning about and growing them makes it much more frustrating than the few bucks apiece they were worth, especially when most of them were seed grown. I have to at least give the small chance there is of finding them a shot. Like the title says, I am located in south central Indiana, so wherever they have been whisked away to, its probably around there.

    I suppose I should count myself lucky that I didn't lose them all and had moved the D. Stolonifera seedlings I am growing to my indoor cool terrarium before this happened. Could have been worse.

    Guess my next growing setup will have to be an electrified greenhouse.

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    Dude, that sucks man, I hope you can retrieve them all, I just had a Security cam stolen the other night. It was while it was running so we have a little bit of them on film. No face shots though. So I know your frustration. I hope all goes well for you and that they can be returned to you safely and in great condition.

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