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it doesnt make my PPM rise like crazy
I'll be honest with you, your PPM does not sound like it is that high even with the bacterial byproducts. Way way way back in my early days of CP growing someone explained it to me like this. Imagine 3 stacks of pennies; the first 10 high, the second 100 high and the third 1000 high. Now step back 100 feet and look at the stacks. You can not really see the 10 stack, the 100 stack is there but not much to see and the thousand stack sticks out like a sore thumb.

I am curious though because I have never ran into this issue with my outdoor collection and literally no air can penetrate the bottom of the pot the way I am growing. Are indoor conditions just ideal for these stinky guys?
Outside, there is greater exposure to a vast cornucopia of other microbes that just do not generally hang out inside. The competitive nature of all these beasties keeps them all in check relative to one another.

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The question I have is how harmful are these bacteria and their by-products to the plants? I can't imagine the sulfur compounds in high enough concentration as being beneficial. And the sulfur has to come from some where, probably by the bacteria breaking down organic matter. Again I can't imagine the nutrients released and not used by the bacteria to be beneficial if in high enough amounts.
NaN, these sulfur compounds can become quite toxic depending on the plant. I had a hell of a time with my Orchidioides and Iperua Utrics when it came to these and I have noticed decline in Sarrs and Drosera in "advanced" cases