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Thread: In the market for an RO system. How does this one look for starters?

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    Ahhh, LOL, I was 'supposed' to get one, payed for it on ebay, but never received it in the mail... payed 20$ never came... I was too patient and leniant, I sent the seller a couple emails, but to no avail. And by the time I realized I could do something, the 90 day delay period was gone by, and at that point, I kissed my 20 bucks goodbye. Even though I've read multiple times to verify the credibility of a seller, I was just too anxious to get another gadget. Learning from my mistakes
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    I understand, geeze that sux...

    fwiw I did a quick google for some sub 20$ models outside of ebay


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    Thanks for the input.
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