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Thread: Google confusion

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    Well, as mysteriuosly as it started, it has quit. I went to and it came up in English

    Quote Originally Posted by jimscott View Post
    How fast can ya learn Spanish?
    No hablo espaņol. Teacher in Jr. Highschool thought I was doing exceptionaly well to learn that much by the end of the year. That and the primary colors and the numbers one through ten.

    Quote Originally Posted by RL7836 View Post
    I get very suspicious when weird stuff starts to happen. Have you scanned for virus & spyware?
    Yep, I'm paranoid too. I have a fire wall, antivirus and Spybot S&D. I ran the antivirus and S&D when the cookies kept getting blocked. They found nothing.

    Quote Originally Posted by scottychaos View Post
    I doubt its spyware, virus or a browser hijacker..
    because those take you to sites someone wants to force you to go to..
    for ads or to give you a virus or whatever..

    but why would anyone want to force you to go to google's spanish language site?
    whats the motive?
    that doesnt make sense..

    still..its always good idea to scan..
    We have a local call-in radio show about computers, and the guys who run it have a thing they call the "security tango"..
    if you run it according to the directions, its supposed to clear out any worms or viruses:

    its designed for "average" computer users..not IT professionals,
    so some of it might seem overly basic, depending on your knowledge of computers..
    but its meant to be that way, so anyone can understand how to do it..

    I think your right Scot. I think my last wild guess about my internet provider (Qwest) having problems was most likely as I couldn't find any thing else that could cause the problem and the only site I had problems with was Google's. All other web pages were OK. Thanks for that link. I put it in my Bookmarks and will check it out here shortly.
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    No hablo espaņol. Teacher in Jr. Highschool thought I was doing exceptionaly well to learn that much by the end of the year. That and the primary colors and the numbers one through ten.
    I took French for 4 years. That was short-sighted! It would have been far wiser had I taken Spanish, considering we've lived in and around Hispanic communities, most of my adult life. About all I can say is Por favor, andele, arriba, and senor duck & senor mouse.

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    I only know one spanish phrase..a friend of mine in College would always say it, and it just seeped into my brain..(this was the late 80's, when the phrase was in vogue)

    palabra a tu madre


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