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Thread: Melted Snow = Rainwater?

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    no labor complaints here. The cheapest I can find distilled is 1$/gallon. Bring on the labor

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    There's certainly no problem asking the water dept about the the town water supply, however you do have to take in account where the water goes after it leaves the treatment plant on it's way through your actual tap. Which is why it's good to get your own water coming out of your actual tap tested. Take it to the water dept, they will probably do it for you if you don't wanna have an orchid shop or fish store test it for you.

    For instance mine goes through a sodium softener in the condominium complex before it ever gets to my place so it doesn't actually have the same chemical makeup as the leaflet I get from the water dept in the mail once or twice a year. A pal of mine once lived in a dumpy old trailer park in the same town I live in. There was a knock on his door one day while we were sitting around stewing with our hangovers the morning after a blowout and a guy gave him a letter and told us "don't drink water from the taps here until further notice". We were both sitting there with large glasses of ice water when he told us that... The letter said the whole trailer park had old water pipes and it was leaching unacceptable levels of copper into their water.

    Aside from all that municipalities put all sorts of other stuff in the water to make it "better for you" like chlorine, flouride and who knows what else. On Wednesdays my tapwater usually smells like chlorine and sometimes smells like onions, but never on the other days. I do my best not to drink any water from the tap on Wednesdays

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