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Thread: World rarest plant species

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    Quote Originally Posted by swords View Post
    Rafflesias are similar to Hydnora in that they infect Tetrastigma vines and then shoot out these crazy flowers. Infact both these parasites are classed in the same super-order of Rafflesianae.
    Here's an interesting bit of trivia regarding Rafflesiaceae - they've recently been shown to be a clade in the Euphorbiaceae. (This probably doesn't mean jack to most of you, but swords and I both collect Euphorbs.)
    I just looked to see if those results also applied to Hydnora, because I thought it was related to Rafflesia, but it's not. I was surprised to find that it's in the Piperales, along with ginger and Indian pepper - apparently Aristolochia is the most closely related sibling genus.
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    According to Rafflesia of the World they are/were classed in the same super-order I shall paraphrase page 4:

    "In terms of taxonomic position Takhtajan placed the super-order Rafflesianae (containing Rafflesiaceae and Hydnoraceae) between the sub-classes Magnoliidae and Ranunculidae. ...(description of years of botanical mischief up and down the order ladder)... Thorne places the super-order Rafflesiliflorae near the more primitive dicotyledons in the super-order Annoniflorae, which includes the Order Annonales and the family Aristolochiaceae."

    And again they are paired up in a list of parasitic plant families on page 6:
    entry # 3. Rafflesiaceae & Hydnoraceae

    Unfortunately that's the last mention of Hydnora in the book. Perhaps they aren't as related as they appear to me in this text.

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    or N. mollis =]

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