It depends on the species. Whatever I have, it's labeled Phyllium sp., Likes raspberry, blackberry, likely any-berry, and rose. They might take oak, I haven't tried. I bet they'll love the soft oaks.

They look like they eat rather slow, then surprise you the next day. I keep cuttings in there, I wouldn't try a live plant. The roses over here in Ca only slow down for a bit, then get right back to growing. The only thing I can call dormancy is them recovering from being cut back drastically each fall. The any-berries do go dormant, but usually don't loose the leaves.

If you are in a place that the roses and berries DO go dormant, put plenty of leaves in the freezer, and keep a couple mini roses in the window as insurance. I haven't needed to try frozen, but others have, with success. I guess it's like feeding my snakes frozen mice.